Sprinkler Turn-On & Winterize

Sprinkler Turn-On & Winterize

A smooth start up, guaranteed!

Our spring sprinkler turn-on service assures that your lawn has the best coverage possible, the plants are being watered, and a proper watering schedule has been programmed. The turn-on usually reveals any problems from the end of last year or problems that have occurred due to winter elements.


Signature Landscapes turn-on is a full service irrigation service. We’ll activate your sprinkler system, adjust heads for proper coverage, program the controller, check for leaks and clearly advise you on how to go about any necessary repairs. We also offer fall stand-alone sprinkler turn-off services.
Our irrigation experts will help you conserve water and keep your lawn’s sprinkler system trouble-free with our exclusive Water Management Program. We offer sprinkler installation, maintenance and repairs. Call us for a no cost, no obligation estimate.


What if my sprinkler system has leaks or wasn't winterized properly? 
Our irrigation technicians are trained to identify leaks and trouble spots in your system. When they're out there, they will attempt to fix if the problem warrants. Otherwise, they will provide you a detailed explanation of what is wrong and the steps to fix. NOTE: Having a LIC trained tech repair your system is a guarantee your landscape will receive the water it needs. It's our Signature Guarantee.
How does the Turn-On + Winterize Combo program work? 
We'll schedule both services in the spring. Your spring turn-on will occurr when winter chill is gone. When November's winterization arrives, we'll simply take care of your system. No bothersome calls or difficult meeting dates. Just a guaranteed professional winterization service. 
What does this mean to you? This means when spring comes next season, you have a system that will function properly and efficiently - GUARANTEED!
$ 148.00